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Dr. Rudolf R.H. Dittrich, S/W Development Office for Applied Physics and Engineering.
(Image courtesy of Klaus Ditté, www.fine-photography.de, Passau, Germany. Copyright © 2011.)

Dear customer:

We welcome you to RD-AVENUE®, your avenue to my office's range of Applied and Engineering Physics related research and development services, currently mainly in the software market (computational physics S/W; complex systems applications; etc.).

This site is a supplement to our other business websites, which, during the next months, will become one of your main sources of information on our development office's portfolio.

With more than twenty years of professional experience in applied physics and adjacent fields, the office is currently specializing in the design, development and analysis of customized Windows and embedded system software that is being developed according to customer specifications.

Our office's range of software related research and development services covers mainly physics and engineering related projects like, for example, participation in the planning, design, and coding of complex systems' software; the evaluation of applied physics related software algorithms used, for example, in computer instrumentation and data acquisition applications; feedback and control algorithms; numerical modeling of applied physics problems; and much more.

You are invited to visit our online software office, which is available at the following address:

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We are pleased to welcome you or your company as prospective customers irrespective of your company's size. Whether you are representing a large company from industry, a medium sized firm from the crafts or trading sector, or whether you are the proud owner of a small business — we will serve you all.

Best regards
Rudolf R.H. Dittrich

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